Set Sheets

For us, food is everything. It’s the fuel that gets you through the day. We know that there are a lot of tasty options out there that aren’t the best fuel. That’s why we created Life Changing Dinners.

Personal Set

This is a great set for one or two people. Families that do not cook in large quantities.

Family Set

This is our most common set is it has all of the small pieces that you use daily, as well as the 11 inch large skillet and a roaster for soup, stews, chilies, and pasta

Big Family Set

This is good for large families or for those that do a lot of cooking. What a lot of families like about this is the ability to stack cook. Start cooking is when you take a smaller pan, flip it on top of a larger pan to create a high dome cover. In the big family said you can do this: the 2 quart goes on a 3 quart, the 7 quart goes on top of the 10 quart, and the 5 quart walk goes on top of the electric skillet!

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