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Lime Herb Rice Salad

Ingredients: 2 cups rice 2-3 green onions, chopped Bunch of cilantro, chopped Bunch of basil, chopped 2-4 limes, juiced 1-2 tsp. chili flakes to taste Garlic salt to taste

Lemon Parsley Chicken

Ingredients: 2lbs chicken thighs, diced 1 cup cherry tomatoes 1/2 cup parsley, chopped 2 lemons, juiced Garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste Cooking Instructions:  Saute ground chicken and season with garlic salt and pepper Add cherry tomatoes and medium-click-low for 5-8 minutes Add parsley and lemon juice and stir Adjust seasoning to taste

Thai Shrimp Salad

Ingredients: 1 bunch of green onions, chopped 2 shallots, sliced 2 bunches of cilantro 5-7 limes, juiced Bunch of cherry tomatoes, halved Bunch of basil, chopped 1 cucumber, #4 cone Bag of spring mixed Bunch of cooked shrimp 1 Tbsp chili powder = SPICY 1/4 cup fish sauce 1 Tbsp sugar Cooking Instructions:  Mix it… read more

Refreshing Cilantro Mango Steak Salad

Ingredients: 2 bunches of cilantro, chopped 2 bunches of green onions, chopped Bunch of cherry tomatoes, halved 1/2 red onion, #4 cone 1 cucumber, #4 cone 1/2 mango, chopped in cubes 1 tsp hemp seeds Salad Dressing:  1/8 t. fish sauce 1-2 tsp chili flakes 3-5 limes, juiced 1-2 Tbsp sugar Cooking Instructions:  Let salad… read more

Indian Chicken Chickpea Delishiousness

Ingredients: 4 pieces of chicken thighs 2-3 tbsp of Kalis Table Tandoori Marinade 1 cup almond milk 1 can chickpeas 1 potato, diced Handful of cherry tomatoes Freeze dried parsley Cooking Instructions:  Preheat pan to medium high Pan fry chicken and potatoes for 5-8 mins and flip chicken Add chickpeas, tomatoes, almond milk, and Kalis… read more

Cauliflower Rice with Taco Seasoning

Ingredients: 1 lb ground meat 1-2 carrots, #4 cone 1 cup broccoli, diced and stems #2 cone 1 cauliflower, #2 cone 1 red bell pepper, #3 cone 1/2 to 1 full taco seasoning packet Cooking Instructions:  Sauté meat with taco seasoning in a skillet at 400 degrees. Add veggies, and medium-click-low for 10-12 minutes. Then… read more

Veggies with Pesto

Ingredients: 1 cup green beans, halved 1 broccoli, chopped 1 handful of asparagus 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved 2-3 Tbsp pesto paste 1/4 cup feta, to taste Cooking Instructions:  Add green beans, broccoli, and asparagus with 2-3 Tbsp of water. Medium-click-low for 10-12 minutes. Stir in cherry tomatoes, feta, and pesto.

Eggplant, Tomato & Mozzarella Flatbread Salad

Ingredients: 1 medium eggplant (approximately 1½ pounds), peeled and sliced into ½ -inch rounds 2 tomatoes, fresh, medium diced 4 ounces baby arugula or mixed salad greens 4 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese 4 whole grain pita bread pockets, or flatbread of choice Shaved pecorino Romano cheese, for garnish (optional) Dressing 2 tablespoons olive oil 2… read more

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