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We need to create copy, but something like: “LCD weekly cooking classes teach you easy, healthy meals that you and your family will love!  If you have food allergies, picky eaters, or a super busy family we can help make cooking easy fast and delicious!  Register for our basics class which is an introduction to Life Changes Dinners and how we cook!

Become a Portland Cooking Coach…

Make a difference in other people’s lives while having fun and making great money.

“I am so grateful that I found the Saladmaster team. It gives me the part-time income I was looking for with a flexible schedule, and a product that sells itself. My life is completely changed!” – James Lopez


Best Stainless Steel Cookware You Will Find.

Better Nutrition

A study from the University of Wisconsin Department of Food Science demonstrates that food cooked in Saladmaster retains up to 93% of its nutrients. That’s twice the retained nutrients than traditional cookware.

Faster Cooking

Vapo-Valve™ takes the guesswork out of low-moisture cooking which preserves nutrition and enhances flavors.


What our clients say

After using our Saladmaster cookware for a year, my wife was declared to be in complete remission from Crohn’s Disease. The doctor wants to take her off  her medication.

Gary Peterson

Excellent people, excellent food, and definitely life changing dinners. Makes you think about what you are a cooking and what you are cooking it in. I recommend checking out the class for more knowledge. Fun, friendly, and bo pressure to buy staff. You buy when you are ready!

Adina Maria

You’ll be entertained and you’ll great food all at the same time. Go to a dinner and you’ll learn how to cook healthier and better tasting food.

Dennis Cozzocrea

Life changing dinners are amazing! They teach you step by step ways to improve your health! Plus the food is awesome!!!!

Samantha Dixon
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Everyone wants cooking to be easy fast healthy and delicious. We show you how! Coming to our cooking schools or ask about our free In-Home basics class. It will change the way you cook!

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